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HeClub PAEN is a skating sports club that It has 32 years of experience in the sports field, it offers the complete process from INITIATION to ELITE, in the Racing and Artistic modalities.

The orientation will depend on individual interests, High achievements (Competition), Health, Improvement of physical condition, Aesthetics, Recreation, socialization, among others.

Population: children, young people and adults between 3.5 and 60 years of age.
The Club is fortunate to have severalchampions and world titles, and therefore, with the human and logistical resources to provide an optimal process and support to achieve the individual objectives of its users.

* We invite you to live a completely healthy and satisfying experience. 

Ancla 1
Ancla 2

To start the leveling process which will lead to the classification of the student in the learning stages, 'please send all the information to the coordination's WhatsApp

1. Full name
2. Age reached 
3. Approximate weight
4. Approximate height
5. Can you skate? Or have you ever done it?
6. If you have skated, when was the last time?
7. Do you have skates? What type of skate?
8. Do you have chronic illnesses? (Hypertension, thyroid diabetes,...)
9. You have dizziness, fainting, pain...
10. Do you have surgeries or injuries?
11. Are you currently physically active? What type of activity and how often?
12. Do you have any physical or mental condition that could modify your performance in class?
13. Are you interested in the virtual or in-person modality?

*Note: In this reactivation phase we are NOT allowed to rent skates.

The coordinator will give the options for leveling and from that moment the leveling process will begin.

Please send this information, doclick in the following 

iconWhatsApp forcommunicate with the coordinator and starts the process with the previous information.



After completing the leveling process, make the respective payment.

You must perform the pay and send proof of transfer only for the registration value($145,000), N's messageIVELATIONthat the coordinator sent in the previous process, and the information required according to its condition (new or old),

Values 2024

Custom Class:      $45,000
  Group classes 9 hrs:   $145,000



To end, you mustSend proof of payment to the virtual office. Beamclick In the nextlink, to communicate with the virtual office andfinish the process registration and transfer registration.



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