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​Figure skating has evolved into different disciplines: freestyle, dance and synchronism.
Freestyle, as its name indicates, is a style in which men or women have their own movements and pirouettes. There is also freestyle for couples where they do the movements with more speed and more risky pirouettes.
Dance is a discipline for couples who do dance steps on ice, but it also has its acrobatic elements with certain limitations.
Synchro is very popular in local clubs. Several skaters do the same figures and steps at the same time.

​Artistic Phase


The objective of artistic roller skating is to incorporate the basic sliding gesture, in which different technical elements are combined such as jumps, turns, steps, figures on skates generally accompanied by music. There are many qualities that make this sport attractive, both to watch and to practice it.


This is the most fun mode. In this modality, elements of free skating and dance are allowed, but the skating will be valued depending on the performance. It must represent, dramatize the rhythm or the chosen story, giving special value to the mime interpretations, expression and the choreographic montage (costumes, makeup, accessories, music, scenery... everything adds up). The work performed must be in consonance with the chosen music, just like the costumes and the novelty of the montage.



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