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Personalized classes

The Skating Club has the modality of personalized classes, with which it is intended to strengthen several aspects:
 At the PAEN club,we develop as a sport:
       1.    Development of basic and specific skills for mastering skating.
       2.   Strengthening of individual skills, in theoretical and practical terms at the                             technical, motor and physiological. 
        3.   Improvement of the technical gesture.

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Process to schedule custom class

1.Make a transfer worth $45,000 (this value includes the class for one athlete for 1 hour.


Note: Additional athlete in the same class  It costs $9,000)

Account No.: 230 00000 708 Ahorros Bancolombia.


2. Send proof of transfer toVirtual office WhatsApp 304-489-77-38 and request the payment receipt number.

3. Send the payment receipt to WhatsApp Coordinator

(321-780-95-93) requesting class scheduling.


This process must be done 24 hours in advance during the following schedules:

From Monday to Friday between
6:00 am to 8:00 pm

Saturdays between 
8:00 and 11:00 am

Sundays 8:00 am

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